A different kind of event. Bringing together Tradition, Culture and Social Impact

A different kind of event. Bringing together Tradition, Culture and Social Impact


A distinctive event that aspires to establish itself as a benchmark in the Miami area. El Rastrillo 305 celebrates and promotes the richness of our shared Hispanic culture and heritage, while also supporting local businesses and artists. Furthermore, we’re committed to raising awareness and generating funds for various socio-educational projects developed by our organization, International Studies Foundation. El Rastrillo 305 is more than an event – it’s a collaborative celebration fostering cultural growth and community development.


 Miami, affectionately known as The Magic City, is a vibrant melting pot and a dynamic bridge connecting South America, the USA, and Spain. ‘El Rastrillo 305’ aspires to fortify these cultural connections by uniting music, art, and gastronomy. We aim to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and an integral part of this incredible community.



El Rastrillo 305′ is committed to fostering a positive impact in our community by bringing together private and public institutions, local businesses, and community members for a noble cause. Every cent raised during this event directly supports the International Studies Foundation’s mission: To build a better world through socio-educational programs designed for low-to-middle income families and children in Miami. Be a part of this transformative endeavor and help us make a lasting difference