The International Studies Foundation is situated in Madrid, Spain with the aim of becoming a benchmark institution for disseminating the values of the American educational system in Spain and complementing the educational social work of the prestigious American university CIS University.

Founded on humanistic principles, the foundation develops various social programs in Spain and the United States, promoting initiatives, implementing projects and activities that strengthen university education and benefit society.

Through international social-educational initiatives, it supports the development and growth of children, youth and families in disadvantaged situations, and involves, through collaboration agreements, private companies and government entities in order to work together to achieve a positive impact in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Club eXpats is a personalized relocation services company with high-quality standards and competitive rates founded 12 years ago with offices in Miami, Chicago, Madrid and Malaga.

In the past five years, ML events has combined all its years of experience to create a unique method of organizing and creating events in different categories: corporate events, fundraising, social affairs and the promotion of various brands.

The organization of events such as: Feria de Sevilla en Miami, el Rastrillo 305 and the collaboration in the Iberoamerican Film Festival Miami, are some of them amongst the more than one hundred events managed until today.

Marina Martin is passionate about her work ever since her college years when she began organizing and managing small events.

Her passion for the building of personal relations, communications, creative development and management of events is her major asset.

Today club eXpats has helped more than 400 relocation clients (corporations, SMB´s, institutions and private clients) and their social club in Miami has over 475 active members for which they organize 4-5 events a month.

Their experienced international team also specializes in event creation and organization, resulting in well- attended and successful events such as the Three Kings celebration, Feria de Sevilla in Miami (4th edition this year) and El Rastrillo 305.